Encortec Ltd

What we do

Encortec is the only vibration and electromagnetic energy harvesting technology company that delivers sufficient usable power with time and data rich monitoring.

We provide fully “fit and forget” energy harvesting powered wireless sensor technology, products and data services, enabling industry digitalisation with self-power capability for machine and critical asset condition monitoring as well as data for predictive and preventative maintenance.

Our mission

Our mission is to remove the barriers to the electrical power supply for advanced monitoring systems that is holding back the rollout of large-scale wireless sensor nodes in networks, such as remote condition monitoring of rotating machines and the rail network.

Developed from research arising from the University of Exeter, Encortec is making a step change by removing the need to charge and replace batteries and removing the need to use power cables connected to the mains.

Our value

We want the next generation of advanced monitoring systems to be capable of having a greener, more sustainable, and more climate neutral energy supply than batteries and mains.

We deliver high-performance energy harvesting powered sensor system technology, products and data services that drive positive change at scale, enhancing sustainability, productivity, and prosperity for industrial digital transformation.

Our products

Sense, analyse and transmit real-time data

Vibration Energy Harvesting Sensors

  • Fully integrated system
  • Applicable for all rotating equipment in any industry
  • Measure vibration, temperature and humidity
  • Continual monitoring capability
  • Cloud Application for IIoT Monitoring
  • Sufficient usable power: 3-140 mW at 0.05-0.5 g acceleration
  • Data rich: > 2048 data per second Sub-1 GHz wireless communication

Electrified Rail Track Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

  • Improved safety by removing the need of human for trackside activities
  • Provide real-time condition data for predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Increased track availability and reliability, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Zero carbon emission
  • Measure vibration, temperature and humidity
  • Transmit a large amount of data >2048 data
  • 0.25-4.0 W for 100-500 AC track return current
  • Sub-1 GHz wireless sensors
  • Scheduled and event-based monitoring